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Flunitrazolam Blotter 250mcg
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1p-LSD Micros 150 mcg
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Rated 5.00 out of 5
Flualprazolam Blotter 1000 mcg
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1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg
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Greetings to all!

Let us first understand: what is 1p lsd? Why 1p?

At first glance, this name change seems unnecessary as the manufacturer claims that 1p lsd has the same effect as lsd 25. So what is the purpose of this metamorphosis?

The answer is simple: You can buy cheap legal lsd online without creating legal problems for yourself!

1p lsd is not subject to hydrolysis, which means that a comprehensive analysis will not reveal prohibited components; legit check is a stable compound that does not require special treatment. I mean that 1p lsd does not cause chemical reactions upon contact with air even at high humidity (from 70% to 90%). 1p lsd becomes the desirable lsd 25 only when consumed orally (by swallowing), thus, it is totally legal to carry!

We are a chemical research company that supplies 1p lsd acid for sale. Our supplier, Lizard Labs, supplies 1p lsd blotter 100 mcg and 1p lsd pills 150 mcg; the supplier constantly monitors changes in the registry and the legality of the tab components. 1p lsd is legal in UK, Germany, Amsterdam, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, China, Portugal, and many other countries.

How can you order 1p lsd online in our shop, and what is the price per sheet? You will find the answers on our home page! You can also learn more about the effects of 1p lsd: watch the video on our YouTube channel, or choose a more suitable product, for example, tranquilizers such as flunitrazolam, fluclotizolam, flualprazolam, and clonazolam.

It is necessary to mention that many researchers add lsd to liquid to study methods of micro-dosing, but others say that 1p lsd blotters for sale itself is the best way to experience the new world!

How to store lsd tabs:

  • Do not store them outdoors, as long-term exposure to high humidity can cause them to lose their strength (however, they will not be subject to hydrolysis!);
  • I recommend storing them in a vacuum polyethylene package, as it will allow keeping them for a long time without damage, as with any medicines;
  • Everything will be completely legal, as all lysergic acid diethylamides for sale do not violate the law; examples include lsz and ETH-LAD, which have gained the trust of researchers around the world.

You can buy 10 lsd online right now, and we will arrange delivery to you as soon as possible. The purchase of 1p lsd will bring you a lot of happiness!

Lsd stamps are quite popular all over the world, and researchers want to understand which is better. For example, 1p-lsd vs LSD or 1a-lsd vs 1p-lsd? To make such comparisons, one should start with the price, then ascertain the effect and the power of the “hit” (I can say in advance that 1p is not inferior to anything), and the most important aspect is legality!!! Our high quality paper is your best choice – it will send you on an unforgettable trip!!! Contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will help you make the right choice! The legality of our product is described on the reddit portal. We have vast experience!

Adios Amigos! Comprar hoy!

Numbers Don't LieWHY CHOOSE US?

The highest value in research chemicals. We source the maximum quality services and products and work together with quite a few major international laboratoriesand ensuring that the research chemicals you order have been at their form, and also with the capacity of producing the results.

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From us you can buy 1plsd online. 1P-LSD is legal to purchase in the in Europe for research purposes only.


Our analysis business was established in Germany with all the objective of bringing new folks to find out more about the ramifications of naturally-occurring materials. We usually do not market medication! We market entirely legal merchandise that will be an analogue of all the well-known compound.

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Delivery has been monitored and signed out of 4 EU states by federal article and DHL.
All orders paid due to 12.00’m are dispached the exact identical afternoon, Monday to Friday.

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1P-LSD also known as 1-propionyl-LSD and 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, is the 1-propionyl analogue of LSD.

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What We Offer?


  1. 1
    What kind of products would you currently provide?

    We give chemicals such as investigation. Perhaps not for human use!

  2. 2
    Do you ship to my country?

    We send internationally, united kingdom added. But, we don’t send our products to Russia.

  3. 3
    Are you still active?

    We’re busy as these merchandise offered us are still legal at Germany. The brand new German psycho-active Substance Act (NpSG) doesn’t comprise these services and products. Australian legislation isn’t appropriate in our expert services.

  4. 4
    Is your company legit?

    The store is kept by an identical workforce as

  5. 5
    What designs/images would you really have in your blotters?

    Our blotters possess the compound name published onto these, we really do not and won’t give images or pictures.

  6. 6
    Is the envelope you employ for shipping discreete?

    We utilize discreete conventional carton envelopes (like Amazon cartons) and don’t publish any facts regarding our organization or these services and products indoors in these. We alter sender’s address and business name occasionally.

frequently asked questionsPAYMENT

  1. 1
    I used to not obtain an purchase verification!

    You should, assess your spam-inbox. As of factors of protection we use anonymous email-servers found in international countries. This may lead to email delivery to spam-inboxes in some instances.

  2. 2
    What payment methods do you acknowledge?

    We accept payment via bank transfer and Bit coin just. If your financial institution does not provide obligations to EU financial institution account, remember to get in touch with our service. You’re going to be taught on what to transfer funds into our banking accounts by utilizing a unique Western Union support.

  3. 3
    I forgot to supply my purchase quantity as reference when shifting capital?

    In the majority of cases this is not a issue, since we are able to assign your payment to a order by trying to find the identify. If you used some one elses bank account to move capital and didn’t not obtain a delivery affirmation with 48h, you should contact with our support and offer that the IBAN of the bank accounts that you transferred capital from.

  4. 4
    Why is Paypal payment not possible?

    As of provisions and requirements of pay pal we all aren’t allowed to receive cost for those services and products currently. We already experimented with to offer you that payment procedure from earlier times however our pay pal account was closed following a couple of years.

  5. 5
    Just how will you delegate my own Bit coin payment for my purchase?

    You’re going to be instructed on your order confirmation. Please, send a email containing your purchase amount and bitcoin transaction ID to after payment. Exactly the bitcoin transaction amount looks like:

  6. 6
    Could I deliver you some screen shot of the charge for quicker transport?

    Orders are dispatched on the day that we receive payment. As of bad experiences in the past we aren’t able to accept screen shots as proove of payment.

  7. 7
    How long does bank transfer take?

    By law, inside EU financial institution transfers have to get processed on the following day. If you compensated after launching hrs of one’s own bank move takes one particular day more.


  1. 1
    What are the results to my objects if I'm not at house on the day of shipping?

    In general your local article will keep them 7 days inside their own office before delivering them down. Please, remember that for reasons of safety we usually do not receive orders that you failed to get.

  2. 2
    When will my order be shipped?

    In case we get cost before 14PM Monday on Friday, your order will be discharged the same moment. All orders placed and paid throughout the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

  3. 3
    What happens to my money if my order becomes stolen or lost from submit / DHL?

    Your arrangement will be re shipped after 7 days (Germany) or 14 times (global). This will be repeated until you receive your order. All orders are dispatched tracked, so that us and you may see in the event that you however failed to obtain your purchase.

  4. 4
    So when can I have these services and products I've purchased?

    Orders are dispatched on the day that we get payment. To most EU states shipping takes 2-3 days. To a regions in far off countries shipping could use upto fortnight.

  5. 5
    When do I receive my sending affirmation (including the tracking ID)?

    We start off sending shipping confirmations at 14:30 (CEST)


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